Not all survival swim programs are created equally.

The ISR Difference: Safety First

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is the organization whose creator and CEO, behavioral psychologist Dr. Harvey Barnett, pioneered the idea that very young children could be taught the ability to save themselves from drowning. Over 60 years later, ISR is the definitive world leader in providing the safest and most effective self-rescue swimming lesson program in the world.

ISR is the only organization in the industry that requires a medical and developmental history record of all potential students be reviewed by a team of medical professionals before being accepted into survival swimming lessons. This step of the program is essential to ensure each student's safe participation in the program, ISR's number one priority. 

ISR's selective and rigorous training program and recertification requirements make each ISR instructor competent and skilled in the most up-to-date teaching technique for survival swimming lessons. Instructors are trained in behavioral psychology, child developmental theory, and physiology. Behavioral theory and highly effective positive reinforcement techniques used during each of your child's lesson will give your child confidence in the pool and in everything they do!