What Parents are Saying

So many huge decisions to make in our son’s first year, but putting him into this program was an easy one. Any ounce of apprehension I had the first day was quickly put to ease after seeing Erin interact with Xavier...so warm, loving, patient and confident. When we returned for our second lesson the next day he reached out for her.
Watching him over the course of the 5 weeks we were in the program was amazing. Knowing that we have given him the tools to help himself if the unthinkable ever happened is priceless. I am so grateful to Erin and would HIGHLY recommend this program to every parent.
— Jennifer Parsons
Finding out about ISR was one of the best things that has ever happened to us. We are SO grateful to have Erin teaching here in Utah. We drive 60 miles each way 5 days a week to have her teach our 9 month old and would drive 100 miles if we had to. I will no longer have anxiety when we are at the pool. She is amazing with kids and we are so luck to have her teaching Kai to save himself. We love Erin!!!
— Kelly Master
Erin is so gentle and patient with our son. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Gretchen Lupica
Erin is simply amazing! She is gentle, patient and so kind! I cannot gush enough about how much we love her!! She has taught our son a lifesaving skill and I am forever grateful for her!!
— Jeni Vandall
Erin is wonderful!! She is very knowledgeable and great at explaining everything she is doing and how my baby is doing. I am so glad she came to Utah to teach my little man!
— Michelle Titus
Erin is so amazing! I love this program so much. Ellie loves her teacher and I love the confidence she feels in the water.
— Jennifer Davies
Erin is absolutely AMAZING!! I would recommend her to anyone!
— Britney Walker

ISR is a priceless class and Erin is a fabulous instructor. Our son loves the water and learned to float at only 13 months old! I highly recommended this class. We drove 1 hour each way every day. It was worth every penny. You can’t put a price on your child’s life! Thanks, Erin!
— Heather Lake
I don’t even know where to begin!! We absolutely LOVED every second of this program. We cannot thank Erin enough and the ISR program. My son absolutely loves water, which made me a nervous wreck. But after his graduation, and seeing the confidence and techniques hes been taught, lets me sleep a little better at night :). My son is 22 months old and graduated today. We are SO sad that graduation is already here, but we feel it is so vital to keep him enrolled for maintenance lessons. Again, we absolutely love Erin. She is so patient and loving towards these kids. My son was a little apprehensive the first week, but the second week he just fell in love with Erin and what he was being taught. Please Erin stay forever in Utah so we can continue to bring our kiddos to you!!!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!
— Sabree Spiker
ISR with Erin was the BEST decision we ever made! Our daughter had such extreme anxieties about water that even bath time was a major struggle every single night. Now she begs to go swimming daily, absolutely LOVES the water and is SUCH a great and confident swimmer. Erin is the greatest. She gained my daughters trust so quickly and to this day months later, she is asking me to send Erin videos of her swimming or doing a new trick into the water. Can not recommend her enough!!
— Calaigh Clark
I am SO GLAD I enrolled my 2 year old in ISR. Erin is the perfect teacher for this method- she is always communicating what she is doing, and going by the comfort level of the child while still pushing him to learn. 5 stars is not enough!!!
— Jennifer Christensen