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Hi! I'm Erin :). My journey to becoming an ISR instructor began in 2013 after seeing the INCREDIBLE life saving skills ISR students are capable of learning.

Prior to my ISR training, I'd been around water for as long as I could remember: as a competitive swimmer, lifeguard, swim teacher, swim coach and a scuba dive master. My work experience seemed to also have a common theme; teaching young children. I was a pre-school teacher, an English language instructor and a youth care worker after graduating from the University of Utah in 2007. 

When I discovered the ISR program, it proved to be the perfect fit for me, combining my love of working with children and skills in the water. I completed my ISR training in 2013 and first taught ISR lessons in Newfoundland, Canada where my husband finished graduate school. I returned to Salt Lake City to become Utah's first ISR instructor in 2014.   

Throughout my years of experience in and around the water, I can honestly say Infant Swimming Resource offers the best, safest, and most effective Self-Rescue technique I have ever come across. I love my job and watching kids' confidence and smiles grow as they become aquatic problem solvers!